Welcome Aboard: Memorabilia from the Early Years of Japanese Air Journeys

Author & publisher: Yanagisawa Koji, May 2019, p/b
Pages: 250
Photos: 260+ b/w
Size: 18X26 cm
Comments: An absolutely amazing publication featuring the private collection of one of the very few experts on the little known subject of Japanese civilian aviation; Yanagisawa Koji. All in color, every page offers a surprise. Hundreds of posters, stickers, pamphlets and incredible images of every kind of memorabilia from the early Japanese airlines but also the Manchukuo and China (under Japanese control) that travel the reader to long gone but most exciting times. A very unique and beautiful publication with VERY high quality photos in an excellent lay-out that makes this book an absolute pleasure to read. All the captions are in English. One of the best aviation books ever published in Japan!

Price: 40$US (Postage Not Included)