ARAWASI Magazine

Issue 5 SOLD OUT

The Fifth Issue Is Out!
Pages: 52
Photos: 20; Color: 5
Color Profiles: 25
Illustrations: 40
Size: A4
Price: $US 15.00 (postage included)
-Hurricane Sam Pt. 2 - We continue our series of articles on the Reppu with the second part dealing with the Reppu variants.
Text: Paul Thompson, Mike Goodwin, Editors / Illustrations: Jan Hajicek

-The 1919 French Aviation Mission To Japan, Pt. 1 - First of a two-part article about the French mission to Japan immediately after World War I.
Text: Owaki Katsushi

-SPECIAL ALBUM: Nakajima E8N "Dave"- Plenty of photos (some published for the very first time) and high-quality colour profiles of this rather forgotten but important floatplane of the IJNAF.
Text: Editors / Illustrations: Zygmunt Szeremeta

-Soaring Falcons - Three pages of artwork and original photos on the Nakajima Ki-43 Hayabusa donated by the Burmese government and others with interesting camouflage and markings.
Text: Editors / Illustrations: Jan Hajicek

-Japanese Civil Aircraft Registers Up To 1945 - An article that puts in order and explains the system by which Japanese civilian aircraft received their registrations and markings.
Text: Peter Starkings

-ON CLOSER INSPECTION: Kawasaki Ki-10 "Perry"- Special research project provides historical and technical details, paint schemes, cockpit illustrations and more; mostly culled from original vintage sources with some never-before-published photos.
Text: Editors, Mike Goodwin / Illustrations: Ta.Gucci, Saitoh Hisao

-From Last Emperor To Stranded Passenger - The story of events leading up to the last emperor of Manchukuo's capture.
Text: Eleftheriou George

-Kitai Bango: IJAAF Airframe Number Handy Reference - An updated list of all the known kitai (airframe) numbers with a short description of each type.
Text: Mike Goodwin

-Shedding Light On Japan's Me 109s - A short but revealing article on the Me 109s evaluated by the IJAAF.
Text: Henry Sakaida