Hayabusa Fighter Group
(The Pictorial Brief History of the 50th Sentai)

Authors: various
Pages: 96
Size: 20X25
Dainippon Kaiga, Sept. 2019,

Comments: The fifth book in the IJAAF Unit series by Dainippon Kaiga based on the photos in the Kikuchi Collection. There are 2 pages of excellent artwork by Sato Kunihiko with various "Hayabusa" details, 6 pages of artwork by Yoshino Yasutaka of side profiles showing the details of the paint schemes, 7 pages with color photos of the restored "Hayabusa" in the FHCAM, 61 pages with 52 b/w photos from the Kikuchi collection and about 15 pages with a rough history of the unit and other information.
The quality of the photos and the general lay-out leaves much to be desired and this makes it the worst book in the series.
All the text is in Japanese with no English translation whatsoever.

Moderately Recommended

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