"Nihon Riku-Kaigunki Dai Zukan"
"Imperial Japanese Army & Navy Airplanes Illustrated Book #2"

Following the release of MA#927, MODEL ART decided to release a second volume, again entitled "Nihon Riku-Kaigunki Dai Zukan" or "Imperial Japanese Army & Navy Airplanes Illustrated Book #2" or simply Model Art #939. It has 146 pages full of photos and illustrations by the well-known duo of Sato Shigeo & Sato Kunihiko. This time it is split into three parts: IJAAF & IJNAF gun sights, IJAAF & IJNAF drop tanks and subjects of various interest including gun-cameras, the stabilizing float of Mitsubishi F1M "Pete", Zero Model 21 formation lights and markings for TainanKu Zeros, various details for the Mitsubishi 1MF, markings for the Nakajima A2N, markings and details for the Mitsubishi B1M, a very interesting 6-page special on the Mitsubishi triplane 1MT, a six page on the Mitsubishi 1MT floatplane operated by Ando Hikoki Kenkyujo and a very helpful to the modelers 10-page special on the Nakajima Ki-44 "Shoki" that could help you detail and paint the Hasegawa 1/32 kit.

Published by Model Art, April. 2016, p/b Pages: 147
Size: 21X30cm

Price: 23.00 $US (Postage Not Included)