Baron Miyahara and his World of Aircraft
A Photographic Memoir - (Vol. 2: Military and Civil Aircraft 1910-1970)

Published by Japan Aeronautic Association Aviation Heritage Archive, Sept. 2008, p/b
Pages: 208
Photos: 423 b/w
Size: 18X26 cm

Comments: This lavishly illustrated book complements the companion volume devoted to civil aircraft from 1920 to 1945 that was released in March 2006. As the English title suggests, the photographic content was culled from the collection of aircraft engineer Miyahara Asahi and as such provides a unique memoir of the development of aviation and aspects of his career. As Baron Miyahara (as he was later known) spent the 1920s largely in Britain and returned to Japan via the United States in 1930, one chapter is devoted to aircraft types he encountered in those countries. Two chapters covering the Japanese military scene are balanced by two shorter offerings that focus on the pioneering flights that arrived in or originated from Japan. The final pair of chapters show Miyahara's postwar career in the field of gliders-here the title is a little misleading as the 1970s coverage is confined to this subject-and a glorious miscellany of types that surfaced too late for inclusion in the first volume. The Japan Aeronautic Association is once again to be congratulated for making this memoir more accessible to readers outside Japan by providing a full (if on occasion quirky) rendition of the text in English.

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