KAIGUN SENTO DAI 812 HIKOTAI - Nihon Kaigun Yakan Sentoki-tai "Fuyo Butai" Ibun (The Legend of I.J.N Night Fighter SQ "Sen-To 812" with photo & illustrated)

Authors: Yoshino Yasutaka
Pages: 244
Size: 21X26cm
Photos: 118 b/w, 20 in-colour
Profiles: 22 colour profiles by Nishikawa Yoshinobu and four pages of splendid illustrations by Sato Shigeo & Kunihiko
Dainippon Kaiga, Nov. 2012
Comments: PERFECT coverage of the unit mostly equipped with Yokosuka D4Y2-S "Suisei " Night Fighters but also Nakajima J1N "Gekko ". Plenty of maps explaining the various combat missions of the unit and pilot biographies. In short everything you want to know about the unit. The colour detailed illustrations of the "Suisei " by Sato-sama are particularly interesting since they show the cockpit of the aircraft but also the various bombs used. Although it's all in Japanese, this publication, for which Yoshino-san and DNK should be complimented for all the effort they put, is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to all Japanese Aviation History fans. DO NOT MISS IT!

Price: 36.00 $US (Postage not included)