(A Pictorial History of the 70th Sentai, the Tokyo's Defenders)

Authors: Izawa Yasuho, Shibata Kazuya
Pages: 144
Size: 20X25
Dainippon Kaiga, Jan. 2009,

Comments: The second excellent publication by Dainippon Kaiga based on the photogrqaphic collection of Kikuchi Shunkichi. This time the subject is the 70th Sentai equipped with Nakajima Ki-44 Shoki.
As with the previous publication on the 244th Sentai the quality of the photos is amazing making this a most valuable addition to a Japanese Aviation book collection. Beautiful artwork and colorized photos created by Yokoyama Kow complement this publication as well as a section in the end dedicated to the Tokuheitai unit that trained with Akigusa gliders pending the production of Shusui rocket interceptor. What makes this publication even more valuable is the fact that as with the previous 244th Sentai, all the photo captions are translated in English (although poor occasionally).


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