The I.J.N. Carrier Bomber
photo & illustlated

Authors: Yoshino Yasutaka
Pages: 128
Size: 21X26cm
Photos: 123 b/w, 7 in-colour
Profiles: 26 colour profiles by Nishikawa Yoshinobu and six pages of detail illustrations by Sato Kunihiko Dainippon Kaiga, May 2012
Comments: This first DNK publication on the "Suisei" features the first five chapters which are:
1. Until the battle for the Marianas
501Ku, 503Ku / Kogeki 107 Hikotai, 523Ku "Taka" unit, Yokosuka Kokutai.
2. "Suisei" Model 12 Units
502Ku / Kogeki 103 Hikotai, 653Ku / Kogeki 263 Hikotai
3. IJNAF Kogeki 3 Hikotai
4. 210Ku Aircraft Carrier Unit
5. End of "Suisei"
601Ku / Kogeki 1 Hikotai, 701Ku / Kogeki 103 Hikotai, Hyakurigahara Kokutai aircraft carrier bomber unit
An excellent publication from an author that has researched his subject very well, presented correctly with plenty of photos and illustrations.
All in Japanese but Highly Recommended!!!

Price: 40.00 $US (Postage not included)