Although we try to be as professional as possible, Arawasi is not just another on-line-shop or vendor. We are fans like you who are trying to find a means to support and promote our hobby and research. We strive not to be just another "thank-you-for-your-contribution"(pat on the back) volunteer site. The majority of the "profits" from sales are used to fund projects, expand our services, and conduct subject related research.

We started this site about a year ago and thanks to you we have accomplished a lot. But we are still just two people maintaining the site and handling sales, and three friends outside Japan helping out. We hope this will change and that we will be able to provide even better services as we grow. But naturally these things take time. We are always trying to think of ways to be friendlier and more satisfactory. In an effort to accomplish these goals, the following are a few questions friends commonly asked us.

Postage & Handling

1. What do I have to do to order some things I find interested in your site?
First of all, please take the time to read the
"How to order" page. As you can see, all you have to do is send us an e-mail, telling us clearly what you are interested in. Please don't write "Can you find Luftwaffe kits?", for example. It is very important to mention your country, because method of payment depends on that. Very soon in the future you will be able to order by FAX too, if you don't have a computer but we are still working on it.

2. I have sent you an e-mail but haven't received a reply yet. Why?
If you haven't received even a short reply within 72 hours since you sent your e-mail, please send it over again, to another of our e-mail addresses. With our spam/virus filters on, sometimes not all e-mails get through. Also, maybe we have received your e-mail but your questions are difficult to be answered immediately or we have to go hunt the things you asked for before we give a positive reply.

3. Can I order things I don't see in the "On Sale" section?
Yes, you can. But please keep in mind the following three things:
1) our expertise is Japanese Aviation,
2) please state exactly what you are looking for,
3) remember that when you order something special, you are "hiring" us to hunt it down for you.

4. What is the best way to have my order sent?
The best way is by SAL. It takes about two weeks for you to receive the order and the postage is substantially lower than by other means, except by ship.

5. Can you tell me more about SAL? What does the name stands for?
It means Surface Air Lift. Some postage prices by SAL are as follow with Air Mail prices in brackets:
200grams - 280Yen or 3US$ (420Yen or 4.5US$)
500grams - 580Yen or 6US$ (960Yen or 10US$)
1kg - 1080Yen or 11US$ (1860Yen or 19US$)
2kgs - 2080Yen or 21US$ (2,780Yen or 28US$)
SAL has a 2kg weight limit so every order heavier than 2kgs must be split.

6. Why my order was split into multiple packets?
Read above. Because the books you ordered were heavier than 2kgs. Some examples:
Gakken - 500grams - 7US$
FAOW - 300grams - 5US$
Maru Special - 150grams - 3US$

7. Can I have my order sent by other means?
Certainly. Express mail (3 days) and Air Mail (one week) is also available. But postage will rise. Especially for big orders (if you are not in a hurry) by Ship is recommended but for certain countries only. USA - one month, Australia - three weeks (?) but not recommended for Europe or other parts of the world.

8. Why postage is so expensive?
A question better addressed to the appropriate Japanese Ministry. But in general the postage prices in Japan are not that high compared to other countries. So take comfort knowing that there is worse. Example: Germany.

9. Why my order hasn't arrived yet?
Average delivery time by SAL is two weeks but sometimes it can take a bit more. Experience has shown us that by the time you finish asking this question the postman is ringing your door bell.

10. Will my order arrive in good condition?
We take special care to wrap and protect your order as best as possible. Fortunately, we had no bad experiences so far.

11. If I order more things, will postage decrease?
As everywhere in the world, postage increases with the weight of the order. The heavier your order, the higher the postage.

12. Why postage is not always included in the prices per item?
Because there are different ways of sending your order (SAL, Air...) and sometimes postage depends on the country you are located. Also, especially for some series of books, like Gakken, the books have slightly different weight.

13. How can I pay for my order?
Please read:
"How to order"

14. Can I pay by credit card?
Sorry, we do not accept credit cards.

15. Can I pay by Paypal?
Yes, we now accept payment by Paypal

16. Are the books in the "On Sale" section new or second hand?
All the currently on sale in Japan editions are new. Old and Out Of Print books are naturally second hand.

17. Are the books in good condition?
All the new books are in mint condition. We take special care the old and O.O.P. books to be in as best as possible condition. Of course, publications that are 30 or 40 years old might have some blemishes but these are usually VERY minor. This is sometimes one of the reasons for the delay in delivering your order. We have to locate a copy of a publication in better condition than the one available.

18. Can I ask for more details regarding each book?
Certainly. But remember, the more the questions are, the longer it will take us to reply.

19. Can you send me samples of some books? Can you send me a book and if I don't like it return it back?
Samples of books are not available. As everywhere in the world, no we can not send you books (or other items) to take a look.
We practice: "Satisfaction quaranteed!!!"

20. Can you put some books aside for me until I pay for them?
Of course, but there are limits to this time, especially for O.O.P. highly sought after books.